Are You Using the Right Mix of Social Media Platforms?

“The current state of the internet is social media,” says world-renowned serial entrepreneur, investor, and influencer Gary Vaynerchuk. Unlike any other time in history, we have an unparalleled opportunity to build our personal and business brands, and our success here is directly related to our ability to adopt and optimize our use of these channels.

In his keynote address at Side Evolution Forum, GaryVee shares specific tactics for understanding and integrating the use of each social channel into marketing strategies, helping real estate companies and top-producing agents drive both productivity and profitability.

Read the highlights below, or watch the on-demand session.

Here are 5 key takeaways from GaryVee:

“Go big or go home” on social media

We are living during the greatest technological revolution in history. With the emergence of social media over the past ten years, taking advantage of the many available platforms can seem like a daunting task. From TikTok to LinkedIn, YouTube to Pinterest, and everything in between, most real estate professionals are utilizing only a mere fraction of channels available.

GaryVee discusses the urgent need for real estate agents to get in the game - to be decisive, now rather than later, in choosing the best platform, or combination of platforms, that will drive business to organizations.

“I promise you. Not being active on at least one of them – hopefully, eight of them, if you have the financial capabilities, the ambition, the creative ideas or information in your mind - it is a necessity,” he says. “This keynote has to be the final straw [for] any of you debating whether you should be active [in social media marketing].”

He then expresses an even graver concern for those real estate professionals who already utilize at least one form of social media but are only dipping their toes in the proverbial waters.

“The level that every single organization, institution, and individual should be? I put out a hundred pieces of creative [content] a day—100 across these platforms!”

Start with self-awareness, and start now.

Knowing where your strengths lie will point you to the platforms you should attack first. GaryVee asks: “Are you a great designer? Photos where you can write some copy would be an incredible way to be...that is an incredible place to win on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.” 

As important as diving into the platform that makes the most sense for you is starting the process now. Don’t expect marketing miracles overnight. Social media influencers who are lucky enough to “go viral” usually have a solid history of content creation behind them and an already substantial subscriber base.

“I've never seen people go on something like Tik Tok or LinkedIn…post one time…and create virality that leads to actual business,” he says. “I've never seen a world where businesses or people can become media companies themselves, compete with the biggest companies in the world, without a complete…structured…strategic plan on how to put out content.” 

As an example, GaryVee further acknowledges that those 100 pieces of daily content he boasts about earlier require a team of at least fifteen expert content creators and graphic artists working year-round.

For the written word, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook are top choices.

“Do you know how you like to communicate? Are you a great writer? If so, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, these are places that you can do some incredible damage,” says GaryVee.

The reason why most real estate professionals need an entire team of content creators is because no one person is great at everything. To be successful in social media marketing, real estate agents typically need to hire at least one expert writer who can generate grammatically correct articles that link back to the company website. One example might be, ‘Why you need to hire the XYZ real estate company to sell your house.’

These platforms are great if the written word is your content of choice. On the other hand, Instagram – which is image-centric – would be a less suitable choice for posting longer articles and blogs.

For audio- and camera-ready personalities, the options are nearly unlimited.

Do you have the gift of gab? Do people tell you that you have an incredible stage presence? Does the camera simply “fall in love with you?”

According to GaryVee, “all of a sudden, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and YouTube and LinkedIn and Pinterest…and Tik Tok all become incredible places” to promote your real estate company.

You can even post the same videos on each unique platform to expand your brand name visibility even faster and to more astronomic levels.

Or “maybe you are good at interviewing on voice but not as much on camera because that makes you shy. All of a sudden podcasts and Twitter and other places become your domain.”

Find the platform that is most complementary to your natural strengths and invest deeply in that.

Instagram is the must-have social media platform for real estate professionals

According to GaryVee, you should think of Instagram as the front page of your newspaper where you're the editor in chief. It’s where you're putting out the content you want every single day. Examples of content to share on Instagram include:

• Beautiful interior and exterior imagery of for sale and recently sold properties

• Behind-the-scenes testimonials offering an insider’s view into the buying and selling processes

• Promotional materials for open houses and client appreciation events

• Graphics featuring actionable advice and tutorials

• And thanks to Reels (a competitor of Tik Tok), you can now upload videos.

“To me,” GaryVee states, “if you are building a consumer business, every one of you has to be on Instagram.” He adds that “this is absolutely a platform where you can build a huge brand, a huge audience…You have to be great in your videos or pictures, but it's still absolutely possible.”

In addition to the aforementioned social media ideas and opportunities, GaryVee also touches on OTT (over the top) advertising via Netflix, Roku, and Amazon Prime, podcast marketing, the shopping app Wish, and so much more.

Thanks to social media, he believes that “every one of you can build a brand on these platforms.” We would like to express our tremendous gratitude to Gary Vaynerchuk for sharing his invaluable insights and expertise at Side Evolution Forum.

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