Celebrating Agent Boss Women on Women’s Equality Day 

Women’s Equality Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate all agent boss women in real estate, who are not only juggling roles as full-time moms, bosses, realtors (and part-time teachers) during this crisis, but are doing so with incredible grace. Outside of the industry, we also recognize our female leaders around the world, who have shown considerably more success in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 when compared to male leaders.

In this panel, Side’s Chief Broker Officer Hilary Saunders speaks with agent boss women Michelle Kim of Mosaik Real Estate, Jen Larson and Katie Moe of Arrive Real Estate Group, and Susan Fixsen of Pacific Oak Real Estate Services, to learn how their empathy, adaptability and bias for action kept their businesses thriving during this time.

Watch the full session, or read our takeaways below

Here are four key strengths that female leaders bring to the table

When it comes to decision-making, we listen and learn.

Katie Moe of Arrive Real Estate Group notes that the female leaders that are successfully guiding their people in this time of crisis are good listeners. “When these women in power are making decisions...they're listening a lot and taking things in and relying on those around them to empower them and help them make their decisions.” Critically, they’re not afraid to acknowledge that they need help, and will lean on those around them to make tough decisions. 

In the face of uncertainty, we adopt a bias for action.

The moms on this panel are all natural multi-taskers, accustomed to proactively taking charge and delegating tasks in times of uncertainty.

When it came to her business, Jen Larson of Arrive Real Estate Group says that she and co-founder Katie ditched the worrying and “just started doing it differently so that we made sure we could still be doing it.” Being unable to stage vacant homes, they proactively found the best companies that did virtual staging, hired them and ensured that properties were presented in the right way, knowing that this was the best they could do at the time. She credits quick thinking and willingness to take actions for which you have no reference with keeping business flowing.

Being empathetic means there’s a time to push and a time to give space.

Susan Fixsen of Pacific Oaks Real Estate Services allowed the individuals on her team to go through the grieving process when the pandemic hit, and balanced her business planning to accommodate for this emotional shift.

“We are such different personalities..what I believe is an impactful thing...might be traumatic for someone else. And I've learned that sometimes there's a time to push and there's time just to give the opportunity for them to have that ability to go forward,” says Susan.

We embrace change and know that we’re all in it together.

Michelle Kim of Mosaik Real Estate reflected on the natural relationship women have with change—especially as it relates to child rearing—and how that makes women naturals at evolving.

“Our bodies change...and we have to adapt with that change. Having a human being grow inside you and then having the baby and adapting to changing the diapers and feeding the baby and waking up every hour and a half in the middle of the night...All of that is something that we have grown to take on very gracefully. And I think that that's why we're just natural at evolving and changing. When we have something thrown at us, we take it with stride, we do the best we can.”

She also emphasizes that it’s more critical than ever to be optimistic and nurturing, the latter being another trait often attributed to women.

“It’s really important for [your team] to realize that we're in this together. We're doing this together and we will get through this. And at the same time, keep it light, you know, because everything is so heavy.”

Case in point: Michelle assigned her team a dance routine to master so they could record a TikTok video after a team meeting at Golden Gate Park. Not only did it keep spirits up, everyone had fun doing it!

A heartfelt thank you to Michelle, Susan, Jen and Katie for taking the time to share their unique insights and perspectives with the Side community.

Watch the on-demand video here.

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