How to Build Your Brand Through High-Impact Video

If you’re not using video in your marketing, now’s a great time to hop on the bandwagon. That’s because:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Video has an incredible capacity to engage, inform, and delight — but only when done right. In a recent Side Masterclass, video marketing experts shared their tips for creating stellar video content that draws in prospects.

Your Viewers Want to Connect With You — Let Them!

Veritas Homes David Haghighi, founder of Spark Real Estate, offering viewers advice on how to succeed in a competitive market. 

Video is perhaps the single most effective way for a prospect to get a sense of what it’s like to work with you … without actually working with you.

“I wanted to bridge a gap from just being a face or a personality to actually being someone on somebody’s screen who’s maybe a little bit more familiar,” said David Haghighi, founder of Spark Real Estate, of his efforts with video. “I feel like people tend to gravitate to you or like you more when they see your video, as opposed to just being a guy who emails or texts or cold calls. That’s seen as old school now.” 

Mike Doto, Executive Video Producer at Side, agreed. “People want to see your likeness and get to know you a bit more. Video is extremely powerful for that. I think it’s important for agents to get in front of the camera. Video is one of those things that will actually stop people from scrolling.”

Remember: If your video feels staged or forced, you will lose your audience quickly. Do what you need to do to be comfortable, whether that’s involving a friend or colleague in the conversation, or speak to your audience about a topic you’re passionate about. 

Tip: Post videos about you, not just your properties. Clients want a feel for what it would be like to work with you, so don’t hesitate to showcase your unique personality.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Production Quality

Veritas Homes Mike Doto, executive producer at Side, teaches video content creation strategy as part of a Side Masterclass.

Our panel of experts agreed that the best way to get started with video is to … just start. You don’t need fancy equipment to make a great video — the camera on your smartphone works great.

“The camera in your pocket right now is better than the one I started with,” said Doto. “Video is so accessible now. So you can start right away and really focus on why you want to generate content.”

If you do want to expand beyond the basics, a solid microphone should probably be your next purchase. You can also invest in editing software like Adobe Premiere (which Doto recommended, but noted has a steep learning curve) or you can pay a freelancer to edit for you.

Tip: Focus on goals, not tools. What do you hope to gain from each piece of content you create? How are you going to tell a unique story? Once you have that figured out, use the tools you already have on hand to execute.

Experiment With Different Styles and Strategies

Veritas Homes
Adam Schwarz, founder of Resilient Real Estate, filming a food vlog in which he visits and shares his thoughts on a local restaurant.

There is no “one size fits all” strategy for creating video content. So feel free to test out different strategies.

Adam Schwarz, founder of Resilient Real Estate, believes in the “iron sharpens iron” philosophy and draws ideas from other content creators.

“I try to follow people in my space to see what they’re doing,” he said. “I like content creators who are very in-depth. If their style of video is super creative and edgy, that’s something that I’m not — so I like to borrow from those ideas.” 

You can also draw ideas directly from your clients. What seem to be their biggest pain points when it comes to real estate? What questions do they typically ask? Answering those common questions via video can be a great place to start.

Haghighi incorporates this strategy in his content creation. “I focus on what’s relevant to homeowners, not just buyers and sellers, and I like to incorporate some sort of comedy into my content to break down the barriers between me and my audience. I’ve found the potential content I can put out using this strategy is limitless.”

Tip: Mix up your style from video to video. Try out different styles — like livestreaming a property walkthrough, filming yourself in a sit-down studio, and editing together clips of happy clients — to figure out what works best for you.

For more tips and tricks, sign up to watch the full Masterclass on-demand here.

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