Meet Kerry Price Doub, Side’s Broker-in-Charge of North and South Carolina

When Kerry Price Doub was laid off from a corporate job in 2005, she signed up for a real estate class with a friend on a whim.

After just one class, she knew this was her destiny. She’s never looked back.

Seventeen years later, Kerry is Side’s Broker-in-Charge for both North and South Carolina.

We recently chatted with her about how she managed to weather the 2008 market crash and why she switched from production to the management side (and the Side side) of the business.

What brought you to the real estate industry?

It was 2005, and I was just starting my career at a corporate job, when the company underwent a reorganization and I received a pink slip.

My neighbor told me she was going to take a real estate class and asked me to join her. Since I didn’t have anything else to do, I signed up as well. I had no idea at the time where those 120 hours would lead me in my career path.

After the first day, it was clear that is what I was supposed to do.

You were a fairly new agent when the real estate market crashed in 2008. How did you survive?

Many newer agents got squeezed out during that time, but I have this incredible drive. I knew a lot of people, was a hard worker, and figured out a way to stay relevant in the industry: short sales. We had tons and tons of them, and I became a short-sale expert.

How did you get into management?

Right out of real estate school, I had an opportunity to buy into a firm, and I had a great run there selling residential real estate. With that said, our small firm didn’t have the tech and resources that Side offers. So even though I wanted to continue running my own business, I felt the need to align myself with a bigger firm.

I left to manage a large big box brokerage office for several years, then returned to manage a local family owned firm, the one that I actually started at right out of real estate school. It was hard competing with those firms who had more resources so the decision to redirect was easy.

I made that switch to the management side of the business because it’s more predictable than the production side. Also, compliance is my jam, and I’m good at coaching agents through difficult transactions and helping them grow.

I didn’t realize it at the time but, while I was there, I was actually preparing for my role at Side.

What attracted you to Side and to the management side of the business?

When agents start their own brokerage, they often don’t know what they will need until they need it. So I think it’s really exciting that Side offers that to them. That’s the very first thing that attracted me to Side: the technology and resources they offer agents to help them own, run, and grow their businesses.

The exclusivity of Side was also alluring to me. I appreciate that it’s not just for any agent; only the industry’s top performers.

I’ve always considered myself a “traditional brokerage misfit”, knowing there was a better and more efficient way that didn’t involve sitting in a brick and mortar office all day. Once I started my role with Side, I thought, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” It just made sense.

What’s the real estate market like in the Carolinas right now?

It’s a challenging market, but a good market. Inventory’s low and it’s a tough time to be a buyer, especially a first-time buyer.

The supply chain issues are real in the construction industry. They can’t build houses and complete them fast enough because they can’t get the supplies. Also, land is hard to come by and expensive.

What are some of the big challenges agents are facing?

I think some agents are frustrated by the inventory shortage. They’re used to being able to solve problems for their clients — finding them a house and ensuring the transaction goes smoothly. But right now, they're not in complete control of the process. It’s hard when buyers have to offer $100K over the list price just to get their offers looked at, let alone accepted. Fortunately, the market is shifting so hopefully that will offer buyers some relief.

What are you looking forward to most during your first year at Side?

I'm excited to be in the “trenches”, so to speak, getting Side set up in the Carolina’s. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this initial set up in the Carolina’s and building that foundation with our amazing team. The model is needed and agents in this market are excited about the opportunity. Looking back in a year from now, it will be exciting to see our North and South Carolina partners’ businesses launched and see how their growth has skyrocketed with Side’s support.

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