You Need a Brokerage That Works for You

At Inman Connect Now, Guy Gal, co-founder and CEO of Side, and Michelle Kim, Side partner and founder of Mosaik Real Estate, took the main stage to share how Side transforms top-producing agents and teams into boutique real estate brands.

Here’s how partnering with Side to launch your own business differs from working for a traditional brokerage.

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You may not have heard of Side — and that’s on purpose

Side is an invisible brokerage that operates in the background, while the agent brand is what clients see and engage with. As Guy told moderator Brad Inman: “We power hundreds of brands, but the consumer doesn’t know that Side exists.”

Side partners have full ownership and control over their brand. That was a huge draw for Michelle Kim, who was the very first agent to partner with Side. 

“The company is white-label by design,” she explained. “Their motto is, ‘We work for you. You don’t work for us.’ That’s different from a typical brokerage.” Nobody else works with agents to launch a new business and brand. 

Your brand matters more than ours 

When you have to adhere to strict national brokerage brand guidelines, you lose business to the brokerage and to less experienced agents who share the same brand.

We designed Side to put agents in control of how they are perceived by clients. “Instead of having a future where there are six national brokerage brands … let’s create thousands of locally-focused boutique brands that clients prefer working with.”

You won’t see the Side brand on our partners’ signs or agreements, just their brand, because as a top agent, you deserve to get credit for all the hard work you do.

You set your growth goals, we help you achieve them

“We’re very hands-on,” Guy explained. “[We say] okay, here’s where you are in your business. Where do you want to go? Let’s go there together. Let’s make a plan [and] execute against [it].”

Thanks to this hands-on guidance, Michelle launched Mosaik Real Estate and grew from $20 million in annual production pre-Side partnership to $116 million in only three years. And she’s just getting started — $116M is Mosaik’s year-to-date production for 2021. 

“[Side technology] allows us to have more efficiency, so we’re capable of spending more time with our clients,” said Michelle.

You’re fully supported behind the scenes

Guy realized, after speaking with agents like Michelle, that traditional brokerages weren’t designed to serve the needs of top-producing agents. He founded Side to solve that problem. 

“We felt that [top agents] needed a very different product, a very different partnership, and a very different solution to address their needs and their problems,” said Guy.

Michelle, who worked at several brokerages prior to partnering with Side, agreed. “When you are starting off as a brand new agent, it makes sense to go to a larger brokerage because they have the new agent training. But when you’re a top producer, you need that [extra] support.”

Side delivers on that support, empowering partner agents with a proprietary tech platform and best-in-class legal assistance, dedicated business management, transaction management, and much more. 

You’re part of a community of the very best agents

Unlike traditional brokerages, which rely on recruiting large numbers of inexperienced agents, Side only partners with a select few top producing agents, teams, and indies in each market, which makes for a compelling peer group that share transformative best practices and ideas with each other. 

Side partners are the best of the best: market leaders with growth mindsets who serve the needs of the clients and communities better than anyone. When you partner with Side, you gain access to that community.

“The average partner that we work with does $45 million in volume a year,” said Guy. “It’s by far the highest average in the industry. That makes for a wonderful community of peers who collaborate and share best practices.”

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