45% of Side Partner Agents are Industry Leading Women


Side is privileged to work with incredible - and incredibly successful - female business owners. In fact, 45% of the agents Side partners with are industry-leading women who are utilizing our agent-forward brokerage platform to power their growing real estate companies.

We’ve been blown away and inspired by the success of the independent female agents and woman-owned agent teams that we work with.

Among them, you’ll find Nicole Solari, the founder and CEO of Level Up Realty, who grew her business to over $120 million in annual home sales in less than five years. And Val Vandervort, the founder of Veritas Homes, who uses data increase lead conversion rates and who has consistently earned a spot in the top 1% of agents in San Mateo County.

Then we’ve got Samantha Tov and Judy Cuong, an agent team actively building a company that supports and empowers dynamic women looking to launch a career in real estate.

Samantha on Finding Your Own Strength

As a motivated single mom, Samantha, who goes by Sam, decided real estate was going to be her path to financial stability. “When I started with a big name brand, I went up to the top producers and said, "Can I join your team?" Their response was unexpected.

The agents told Sam that she wouldn’t make it.

Worse, they said she’d be a fly-by-night agent who would be out of business within a year. Sam turned her frustration and disappointment into motivation and drive. “I had to find my own strength, my own ways to get there.” So Sam tried again. She found Judy Cuong, and together, they partnered with Side and started Portfolio Real Estate.

Building a Dream Team

Teamwork makes the dream work, and when Sam and Judy met, it felt like fate. Sam was struggling to find the right platform to bolster her ambitions, and Judy was a successful female agent looking for a better support system. Judy said, “I've been in the business for 18 years, and I've been looking for something like what Side can offer.”

When Sam and Judy co-founded Portfolio Real Estate, they set a goal to earn a reputation built upon integrity, empathy, and compassion. This dynamic duo also made it a priority to support and empower dynamic women looking to become successful entrepreneurs. Their dedication to providing top-notch service certainly shows, as Portfolio is on track to close 279 transactions this year.

What Matters Most at the End of the Day

Sam got all the validation she needed that she was doing the right thing when she got this text from her daughter on the morning of her office’s grand opening. "Mom, I'm so proud of you. From being a single mom and opening your own company like this. I'm so, so proud of you."

There’s no better feeling in the world than for a mom who has been working her you-know-what off to make things happen to get acknowledgment from the person who motivates her most.

Sam said, “It just shows others that hard work pays off. Our new agents are working moms, and they're like, "You can do all that? I want to do that, too." And thanks to Sam and Judy acting as mentors and creating a nurturing environment, women who join their team have all the tools and support they need to hit it out of the park.

Ready to be inspired? Watch the full Sam and Judy interview.

Side’s Commitment to Supporting Women in Business

In addition to the agents we partner with, we also have lots to celebrate within our own organization. Our top ambassadors are women, and we have women on our board, women on our tech team, and women in management and executive roles across all departments.

Empowered women empower women; and Sam and Judy Cuong are prime examples of this. So here’s to all the strong, motivated, kick-butt women out there making things happen. You’re all amazing!

Join Side at WomanUp!

Side is proud to support women in business. If you’re a female agent looking to build your own empire, find us at C.A.R’s WomanUp! Conference, October 23-25 in San Diego, California. You get credit for all your hustle and heart; we work behind the scenes to help you thrive.

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