Ask Me Anything with Rick Sharga and Brett Jennings 

Ask Me Anything with Nationally Known Mortgage and Foreclosure Expert Rick Sharga and Real Estate Experts Founder, Brett Jennings

Rick Sharga, nationally renowned real estate, mortgage, foreclosure expert, and former CMO of Ten-X, joined Brett Jennings, the data-driven Founder of Real Estate Experts, to discuss COVID-19’s impact on the housing market. Together, these industry experts explained why this pandemic is distinctly different from prior global pandemics and recessions. They also gave actionable advice on how top agents can best position themselves for success as we navigate this challenging time together.

About Rick Sharga
Rick is the founder of CJ Patrick Company, a consulting firm that helps real estate, financial services, and technology companies develop a position of competitive advantage and use it to drive business strategy, marketing, and sales. An accomplished executive with over 25 years of experience in consumer and B2B marketing, Rick was formerly an Executive Vice President for Carrington Mortgage Holdings and previously served as the CMO for Ten-X.

About Brett Jennings
Brett Jennings is the owner and Founder of Real Estate Experts. An award-winning luxury home marketing specialist, Brett holds a certificate in negotiation from Harvard Law. In 2017, the Wall Street Journal recognized Brett and his team as one of the top 250 real estate groups in the United States. With over one million agents in the country, this prestigious award places Brett in the top 1/10th of the top 1% among his peers.

Key Takeaways 

1. THIS IS NOT A HOUSING CRISIS: History suggests we should be hopeful about housing recovery post-COVID-19 for three reasons, covered in the video above.

2. RECOVERY: Best-case scenario, we bounce back in 3-6 months; worst-case scenario, we see waves for 18 months, then things gradually get better.

3. UNEMPLOYMENT AND FORECLOSURES: Despite record-high unemployment numbers, we’re not seeing a huge jump in foreclosures; numbers are healthy so far, and forbearance requests are lower than anticipated.

4. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TODAY: Get your finances in order. It’s crucial to have a runway of working capital that’ll allow you to ride out any storm. Also, double down on lead gen that works, increase prospecting, focus on training, and over-communicate with clients.

Check out the blog post for more details and excerpts. 

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