Your Roadmap to a $1 Billion Real Estate Business

Brett Jennings grew Real Estate Experts from $124 million in 2019 to over $1 billion in annual production in 2021.

That’s over 8X growth in just three years.

In this roadmap, Brett walks you through the seven stages of his journey to a $1 billion, sharing the exact strategies he used at each stage to level up his business.

Download the roadmap to learn:

▫️The seven stages of growth a real estate business passes through on the way to $1 billion in annual production.

▫️The key hire you need to prioritize to push through to the next growth stage.

▫️Specific, measurable goals you should be setting at each stage.

Here’s Brett explaining to Donnie Pingaro, managing broker at Side, why he first decided on the $1 billion production goal — and why developing a clear plan, like the one laid out on this roadmap, helped him achieve that goal ahead of schedule.

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Download the Roadmap